Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Best Way to Reset HP Windows 8 Password When Locked Out

It is fairly frustrating for people who forget HP Windows 8 passwords but have no password reset disk or system repair disk at hand. Is there a good solution for people in this case?  Yes of course. You can resort to a thirty-party program to reset HP Windows 8 password. However, there are so many tools which are claimed to be able to reset Windows 8 password that people who are locked out of their Windows 8 computers have no idea about which one to use. There is no need to worry about that. Here I have tested almost all the software. The test comes to a conclusion that Windows Password Key is the best solution to reset or remove HP Windows 8 password.
It is a professional tool to reset Windows 8 passwords on almost all brands of computers. In fact it can also remove passwords on Windows 7 XP/Vista and Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2). What’s more, other than some software which are only able to break local or user accounts, Windows Password Recovery can be used to hack Windows 8 local and domain accounts. Here I will show you how to use it to reset your HP Windows 8 password with the program below.

Before performing the process of resetting HP Windows password, you need to prepare a blank CD/DVD/USB (2GB at least) and another computer which connects to the Internet. After that you can follow the steps below:

Part 1: Create a HP Windows 8 password reset disk

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on another accessible PC.

Step 2: Burn a reset disk with the program

1. Choose the existing windows password key image file.
You can click "Browse" to browse Windows Password Key image file. The file is usually located as the default.
windows password key

2. Choose your CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Select "CD/DVD" or USB and specify the CD/DVD or USB burning drive from the pull-down list. Insert a blank CD/DVD/USB.
windows password key

3. Click 'burn' button

windows password key

Part 2: Reset Windows 8 password on HP with the created disk

Step 1: Insert the newly created CD/DVD/USB and reboot your computer. When your computer reboot press "F2" to get into the bios and then set the computer boot from your CD/DVD/USB.

Step 2: Press the number "0" or "1" to choose the Windows installation to be processed

Step 3: Choose the user account in which you want to reset the password and pressing "ENTER".

Step 4: Type "y" followed by "ENTER" to reset the password.

Here is a video guide on how to reset HP Windows 8 password with the created password reset disk. Hope to help you well.

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